How to Recover Pictures from the Canon PowerShot SD960

Canon PowerShot SD960 IS Digital ELPH is the name of the U.S. digital camera Canon IXUS / IXY / ELPH PowerShot series. Camera features 12.1 megapixel resolution with a unique face detection technology. It covers the same range of capabilities combine to create the appropriate sample complete photography tool.

How to Recover Pictures from the Canon PowerShot SD960

How to Recover Pictures from the Canon PowerShot SD960

Although the camera provides a rigid physical appearance of the accident, but it is recommended to handle the storage with extreme caution.

A Canon PowerShot SD960 IS ELPH digital camera users can observe the ‘loss of digital data’ out of various reasons, as mentioned below:

1) The user to delete one or more images or movies without accidentally. This can occur when a user mistakenly select a mode to remove such as’ The Image ‘,’ Select by date ‘,’ Select the folder ‘,’ Select the range ‘,’ Select by category ‘,’ All images’, ‘All of the films ‘, or’ Part of the movie ‘.

2) The user ejects the memory card or camera is switched off unexpectedly and found it was not detected in future experiments to read the card. This occurs if the camera is writing data when you do one of the operation.

3) The camera shows a low battery but you repeatedly take a picture or photo. Doing this can damage the memory card file system or a camera.

4) Access, delete, edit or move files on a memory card while data is being used by the computer.

In most cases the above (except for accidental deletion), the memory card becomes unusable. So the Canon PowerShot SD960 IS Digital ELPH camera users need to reformat the card to be used again and recover deleted files from backup. In case of unavailability of reserves, an image recovery software can save.

A Digital picture recovery software can recover all types of images, audio, and video that has been lost because of media reformatting, accidental deletion, media corruption or any similar events. It is available for Windows and Mac OS X operating system.

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