Canon EOS 550D vs 600D vs 60D

Canon EOS 600D states that are not launched to replace the 550D, but to fill the narrow gap between the camera with the 60D. That means Canon has 10 types of EOS are marketed today! This amount is not as much as Sony’s digital SLR line, but quite confusing prospective buyers because the price difference is only a little adrift. To help you decide, we summarize the specifications of these cameras on paper.

Canon EOS  550D  vs 600D  vs 60D

Canon EOS 550D vs 600D vs 60D

VSLR Full HD Sub 9 Million
In class sub 9 million dollars, Canon dominate the market for Video SLR (VSLR). Photographers have a wide selection of products with price ranges, each of which differs only one million dollars. Nikon D3100 is probably the most affordable Full HD VSLR today, but unfortunately there is no opponent for Canon in the price class of 6-9 million dollars.

Canon EOS 600D vs EOS 550D
Besides differences swivel LCD, both cameras do not have many physical differences. Dimensions and control buttons can be said the same, except some minor differences. Broadly speaking, canon 600D only excel on the screen swivel and feature-feature software such as Intelligent Auto, Creative Filter, and the ability to control Off-Shoe Flash.

Recommendation: If you are a novice user who rarely use video, 500D may be more suitable for you. EOS 500D has a great feature with a very affordable price. If you want to experiment with video without using a great tool, forget the 550D and 600D direct drill. The price difference may seem large, but the screen play will be very helpful in many conditions. 600D also comes with more features than the 550D is good for beginners, such as Basic + Creative Mode and Filter.

Canon EOS 600D vs EOS 60D
Compared to 60D, the EOS 600D is certainly much smaller and lighter. However, the excess is only this. 60D has more settings button which is designed to simplify the user changes the parameters of the shooting. In addition, the 60D is also equipped with a second screen (on top) and scroll dial second (behind). Both these features speed up the operation so you do not lose the moment.

Glancing into the inside of the camera, both EOS are very similar. However, the EOS 60D is still superior in some key faeture. 60D AF module together has 9 AF points, but on the 60D all cross type which is 2x more sensitive. Coupled with a higher frame rate, then it is clear that the 60D definitely a lot faster.

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