IXUS 300 HS Good Though Without Flash

The camera has been waiting for those who want to take pictures in dimly lit conditions without a flash but the results are sharp. Yes, the Canon IXUS compact camera 300HS can do it. Images appear sharp and bright even in low light conditions without flash target. The secret is the HS (high sensitivity system), high sensitivity CMOS sensor 10 megapixel and Canon’s DIGIC 4 processor.

IXUS 300 HS Good Though Without Flash

IXUS 300 HS Good Though Without Flash

Camera lens diaphragm aperture is large, reaching f/2.0. With tesebut lens, you can get sharp photos with a shallow space and subtle background. Dramatic effect can be presented in a photo portrait. That the results are not blurry, camera speed can be improved.

Other sophistication, this compact camera capable of recording up to 240fps high speed video. The result can be played back in slow motion (Super Slow Motion) at 30fps.

The presence of  Canon IXUS 300 HS digital camera will make the position more IXUS unbeatable in its class. Users will feel the excellence and sophistication that were presented by the HS system on this camera and to get sharp pictures and bright indoor low light is not a problem anymore.

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